Author: Rekha Kakkar

Breakfast Ideas because Breakfast is Most Important Meal of the Day

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Year 2013 has been a fantastic one and each passing day month or year comes with lots of new learning and leaves us enriched { It left me with some of my very good food memories , got to shoot and eat best foods of my life } . 2014 is already upon us so now is the time when we can do something to make this memorable for us. All of us want to be healthy and enjoy a good life everyday, and being healthy tops the list of resolution when any New Year begins.

I am not from the group who make resolutions {somehow I have a feeling that it restricts your horizon 🙂  } , mainly because naturally curious I want to explore anything that catches my fancy at the moment and makes me happy.

I am so glad that through Nirlep I can share my ideas of healthy living with like minded people who believe in eating healthy as well as tasty meals.

Good food is one thing that always makes me happy, and good for me means food that is healthy, tastes good and looks good too { This is the main philosophy behind my food blog  My Tasty Curry  too }.  Breakfast particularly is my favourite meal, and sadly I find it is most ignored meal of the day too. Read the rest of this entry »