Breakfast Ideas because Breakfast is Most Important Meal of the Day

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Year 2013 has been a fantastic one and each passing day month or year comes with lots of new learning and leaves us enriched { It left me with some of my very good food memories , got to shoot and eat best foods of my life } . 2014 is already upon us so now is the time when we can do something to make this memorable for us. All of us want to be healthy and enjoy a good life everyday, and being healthy tops the list of resolution when any New Year begins.

I am not from the group who make resolutions {somehow I have a feeling that it restricts your horizon 🙂  } , mainly because naturally curious I want to explore anything that catches my fancy at the moment and makes me happy.

I am so glad that through Nirlep I can share my ideas of healthy living with like minded people who believe in eating healthy as well as tasty meals.

Good food is one thing that always makes me happy, and good for me means food that is healthy, tastes good and looks good too { This is the main philosophy behind my food blog  My Tasty Curry  too }.  Breakfast particularly is my favourite meal, and sadly I find it is most ignored meal of the day too.

Breakfast is first and most important meal of the day. But our hurried morning schedules and living life in fast lane it becomes most ignored meal of the day. A bowl of ready to eat cereal or a hurried glass of milk may not be adequate meal after 8 hours of not eating while we are asleep. Healthy and hearty breakfasts is something that I have always loved so Always keep looking for more and more breakfast ideas.


Of late, morning rush has made breakfast a boringly predictable meal in our home too. Boiled eggs over whole-wheat toast, a bowl of oatmeal and fruit or if I have time a fruit shake is all I could manage among all the morning chores. But how long you can enjoy such boring routine; Last year when I decided to take up 30 days breakfast challenge it was so much fun. Eating a different type of breakfast from different country everyday of week was something that everyone at home still raves about so many breakfast ideas.

Healthy breakfast can be anything that includes whole grains, fruits, lean protein and some dairy. So some kind of sandwich, a fruit smoothie or even a bowl of whole grain cereal with ½ a fruit can count for a healthy breakfast. But as a family we have decided to do away with sugary ready to eat cereals for good {it’s been years and we do not miss it}.

Breakfast Ideas

I tried to make it interesting but after some time due to busy schedule and so many other important things took over and we fell into breakfast rut.  Since we are not big dinner eaters, so decided to make breakfasts more interesting once again and decided to plan better and cook quick but healthy meals for breakfast.

Most of these meals are interesting and substantial {add one more thing} and these make interesting packed and portable lunches too. Yes you can kill two birds with same stone, healthy breakfast and a home cooked pack lunch …. What else do you need.


If breakfast is an important meal for you too, you can check the recipes, grocery shop in advance { Menu Planning for Busy Moms  } and cook delicious and healthy breakfast everyday.

I would also like to have more ideas about interesting options and foods that you enjoy for breakfast. Sometimes I  try not so traditional dishes like popular street food Ragda pattice in healthier way too { I told you I do not like to be bounded by norms 🙂 } . If you too try some dishes that are traditionally not considered breakfast items for breakfast , do share them with me.


I will keep tweeting {tweet to me @rekhakakkar} and posting regular updates about my choice of ingredients and products on my facebook page {Join me here}.

If you love pinterest like me, you can follow and pin Breakfast ideas from Board {Breakfast for Champions}

I am going to use #Bfast4Champs hash tag on twitter, instagram , tumblr and Google plus, . So if You like to share your recipes and ideas Please use this hashtag so that we can compile more and more ideas and get benefited from each other’s food ideas.

The most important thing in this whole exercise is to eat breakfast every day.  Also I try to eat healthy breakfast everyday, but sometimes day just do not start the way we want it, so going back to those easy to pick and eat options is so easy. But as I always say, a healthy and interesting breakfast is a habit that I would like to follow forever; still I am taking it forward one bite at a time…

And still if you do not find time for any of the above ideas here are some pointers for breakfast on the go.

All Images and material contained in this article are copyrighted and property of Rekha Kakkar .


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