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So, what is it about tips & tricks that turn a mundane task into an exciting journey?

For food enthusiasts like you, needless to mention, when it comes to cooking, the extensive Research & Development that goes into churning out that purrfect! dish is a journey in itself. Isn’t it?

Remember those days of “Dadima Ke Nuskhe” ..the age-old tried methods passed on from generation to generation?
These books would contain pearls of wisdom on home-made remedies that would save anyone’s day! From tried and tested remedies to getting rid of severe cold or adding that special punch for the gharelu aromatioc dal… the books would have it all.

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The thought itself provokes warmth, love, care and most of all that special feeling of belongingness.

And that’s how Mom saves The day! Any complications in the kitchen and there like an angel you have her extending her quick solutions to save the day!

Ah well, for us now, the cyber space is full of these traditional remedies and solutions that help us find the right answer in no time.

But who can honestly beat that charm of age-old moments when Moms would come up with an answer you wouldn’t have even imagined.

Be it retaining the colour of veggies when cooked, or preserving ingredients for daily requirements, churning out home-made ghee, butter, or just about quick shortcuts!…. tips on preserving the shine of cookware, getting rid of stains, keeping the kitchen sparkling clean, how to have preserved ingredients for sudden guests…the list is so beautifully endless..

We have complied some sweet and short tips and tricks that Nirlep’s facebook fans submitted for the campaign activity “Mom Saves The Day”

Do glance through and add yours to the thread.





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