About The Blog

Nirlep salutes a food loving nation that makes cooking an inspiring experience!

Food for thought

We are here to share and hear stories, anecdotes, insights, interesting updates on food, cooking, health and much more….

Afterall what’s in an experience that’s not shared. Isn’t it?

Do let us know if are interested to contribute too to this blog with a post that you feel is relevant to this forum. So welcome to the Nirlep Family. Keep eating, keep healthy! Nirlep will regularly update write-ups on food, Nirlep products,relevant brand updates, original interesting recipes, and anything that will excite a food enthusiast!

Looking forward to many exciting conversations ahead.

About Nirlep Appliances Limited: As a pioneer of Non-stick Technology in India and other Kitchen Solutions : Nirlep for over 40 years, has been constantly endeavouring to stay true to its promise of being an Innovation-led multi-kitchen solutions brand with a wide range of technologically innovative products that enable healthy cooking.KPDKR 5 x 4 cm-01-01-01Wait! There’s more…

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